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Workflow Of 3D Game Art Outsourcing Company

3D Art Assets

Before starting work on a video game, you must hire a 3D Art outsourcing company that creates a step-by-step plan for starting the work. In the gaming industry, this is called the game art workflow. This is necessary not only for designers, but also for clients, who require regular updates, feedback, and revisions to ensure artistic assets match their vision. Our team at Vizent Solutions Pvt. Ltd. also has a game art workflow. This ensures our professional approach, continued compliance with project deadlines, and maintenance of quality standards.

Art Production Workflows

Our team's art production varies depending on the client's requirements for the project. However, there are still four common phases. These include

  • 3D Art Asset Creation: When it's environment design it is usually considered more complex things like 3D modeling, texturing, animation, etc.
  • Digital Painting: Creating art elements such as illustrations, backgrounds, and textures is very important for games.
  • Animation Animate characters and objects using 3D animation techniques.
  • 3D Modeling: 3D modeling process steps include creating props and environments.

3D Art Asset Modeling Workflow for Games

3D Art Outsourcing company's 3D Game Modeling services are based on a specific process. The most efficient workflow for modeling 3D games consists of six steps. The first is understanding the project requirements and artistic vision. During this phase, we discuss the design, style, and functionality of his 3D model with the game's creative team. Then choose the best approach. To speed up the process, use reference images to guide the modeling process. This is very helpful in visualizing the final result. The most responsible phase is modeling. The 3D Art Asset modeling workflow is a very complex process as it starts with basic shapes and low-poly versions of the 3D model and then adds details such as surface textures, fine-scale features, and shapes. What would we do without a QA phase? After discussing each 3D model with the customer, it is important to check everything twice with them, add details, optimize, and import the 3D model to work smoothly in the game engine.

Conclusion: Why is the Game Art Workflow Process Important?

Today, it's hard to imagine a game development company without a professional 3D Art outsourcing company and a well-structured game art workflow process. It serves as the backbone for bringing the visual and artistic elements of the game to life. This seamlessly integrates environments, animation, and cinematography into the game's narrative and mechanics. In summary, game art workflow processes are critical to artistic excellence, efficient production, and successful integration of visual elements into games. It is the foundation of the game development industry and helps create great and memorable gaming experiences.