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3D Architectural Visualization outsourcing with Vizent Solutions

3D Model Visualization for AR,

About 3D Architecture

Your team might be the best-skilled team in their respective domain but when it comes to 3D Rendering it’s advisable to consult the experts who can accelerate the work of Designers and Architects. You should outsource 3D Architectural Rendering if you lack expertise or experience in the field, are overwhelmed with tasks, or if your employees could bring more value by performing different tasks for other projects. Many 3D architecture visualization outsourcing companies can handle any task: commercial Architectural 3D Rendering, 3D house Rendering, 3D Interior Rendering, Virtual Staging, etc. And one of those companies is Vizent Solutions Let's look at the advantages of outsourcing rendering over in-house rendering and how to find the right company.

3D Rendering Process

  • The first step in the 3D Rendering process is creating a 3D model using specialized software. This involves designing the objects, environments, or characters that will be rendered.
  • Texturing After creating the model, it needs to be textured to make it look realistic. Texturing involves adding colors, images, and surface properties to the 3D model.
  • Lighting is an essential aspect of 3D Rendering as it determines how the final image or animation will look.
  • Rendering Settings, the artist needs to choose the appropriate rendering settings. These settings include image resolution, aspect ratio, antialiasing, and rendering engine options.
  • Rendering Once all the necessary preparations are done, the rendering process begins. The 3D software calculates the light transport, shading, and other effects based on the created 3D model, textures, and lighting setup.
  • Post-Processing After the rendering is completed, the artist can further enhance the output using post-processing techniques. Post-processing involves adjusting the colors, contrast, and brightness, adding effects like depth of field or motion blur, and compositing multiple render passes together.

3D Architecture Visualization outsourcing

Use this guide to make your work with a 3D Architectural Rendering outsourcing company as efficient as possible.

Decide the Project You Want to go out of

Before going for 3D Architecture Visualization outsourcing, calculate your potential benefits. You should achieve in terms of time, money, quality, or all three. Typically, outsourcing rendering makes sense if: Your employees are overworked due to a large volume of orders;

These are large-scale and urgent projects (internal employees are at risk of not being able to do it alone).

Search for External Studios to Render

Advice that may seem trivial but is the key to success. First, get acquainted with the portfolio and reviews. Then explore the technical details of the collaboration:

How long does it take to complete a similar project like yours? How do you get involved? At what stage can adjustments be made? The next step involves the legal aspect. What contract will you sign?

Benefits of outsourcing 3D Model Visualization for AR

Why is outsourcing 3D architectural rendering practical and profitable? Let's find out.

High Quality

3D Rendering outsourcing companies often employ highly specialized professionals, which means they know everything about rendering. Additionally, they have access to powerful computers and expensive software as mentioned above. All this leads to high-quality projects.

Saves Time

To save time, outsource: Emergency order. Outsourced rendering companies can involve multiple artists and you won't need to rush to create a project of questionable quality. All projects if you don't have an in-house 3D artist. This will save time for your architects and designers. They will perform their direct functions during the rendering process.


Outsourcing 3D Architectural Visualization, including 3D models for AR, proves advantageous for firms lacking expertise or facing overwhelming workloads. Vizent Solutions stands among numerous competent outsourcing companies capable of handling diverse tasks, from commercial architectural rendering to virtual staging. This approach presents multiple benefits, including high-quality outcomes due to specialized expertise and advanced technology utilization. The time-saving aspect is significant, especially during urgent or extensive projects, allowing in-house teams to focus on their core responsibilities. Choosing to outsource requires a thorough assessment of project needs, potential gains in time, money, and quality, and a careful selection process involving portfolio scrutiny, technical discussions, and contractual considerations. Ultimately, leveraging outsourcing in 3D architectural rendering can significantly optimize workflows and enhance project outcomes.